Advertising Brands

Take advantage of the global marketing network connecting thousands of marketing affiliates working across multiple industry verticals with Advertising Brand name marketing options through our unique network platform.

Our network with thousands of affiliate marketing partners provides our Advertising Brands with a unique platform and content delivery network service tracking all referred customer activity and reporting on performance and commission earnings. We take care of all technical integrations to your systems and offer our affiliates multiple commission options including revenue share and cost per acquisition structures to suit the commission models that our Advertising Brands wish to use.

Integration to our network is handled by our professional and experienced onboarding team and your brand can be pushed live across our network generating new long term revenues for your brands. Our affiliate management team launch your brand into the network and proactively work to drive affiliates to market your brand and deliver new business

Our platform tracks all ad content delivery and referred click activity to ensure full compliance and acceptable advertising standards are adhered to by our affiliate partners and is constantly monitored to safeguard our clients reputation and regulatory requirements throughout your network activity.

Integration of your Advertising Brand to the network is charged with only a one time setup fee together with the a flat rate commission rate for the model you are offering. For more information about the network and to discuss your integration, please feel free to message us via the website click here